“I studied martial arts in my hometown of Beijing, China and I found American Dragon Martial Arts to be the most authentic training in the area. The instructors are all world class and have so much real world experience. I started with their Women’s Self Defense Course and have been here for 8 years since then. I love it!”

– Xiao Ou Ma


“I’ve been taking my grandson for Taekwondo lessons at American Dragon Martial Arts for a year.  During this time I watched how Grand Master Hackworth not only trains his students in Taekwondo but how he prepares them for life by teaching them to be responsible, respectful, and caring people.

Doing martial arts was always something that I always wanted to do, but life got in the way.  I was hesitant to talk to Grand Master Hackworth about my desire since I am 62 years old, but he assured me that age does not matter and he gave me the confidence to try it.  I got my yellow belt at 62, and my goal is to get my black belt!  My fellow students and instructors have been amazing in helping me with my journey.

My daughter is also doing the classes and I’m so proud of her progress and dedication.  We are three generations of students who have deep admiration for the way Grand Master Hackworth teaches along with Grand Master Parks and Master Stone. I have even joined the Instructor Training Program and enjoy the new challenges each week.”


– Sue Cohen, Instructor Candidate


“Our family had been looking for a martial arts school for a while, so when our school decided that our youngest son needed more structure (and we decided that our oldest needed some self-defense training), I really started looking.  American Dragon Martial Arts was close to us, and we took the boys for a trial class.

They loved it!  We loved it!  The other students were kind and patient, especially with my son on the Autism spectrum. The instructors were knowledgeable and made the class both fun and educational.  John and I loved that the emphasis was on character development and not on churning through ranks and competition.  We appreciated how calmly the instructors led the class and made corrections.

We loved it so much that the entire family ended up enrolling, and now my husband and I are in the Instructor Training program.  We have the opportunity to help with the classes for the younger students, as well as to train in our own program in the evening.

The Masters and other students have become some of our best friends, and we are so thankful to have found our martial arts home.”


– John & Amanda Youngblood, Instructor Candidates



“In 2018 I began my search for a Korean martial arts school in hopes to pursue the specific style called “Hapkido” what drew me to this martial art was the various moves we take from other martial arts. I also liked the fact that it was more self-defense-based instead of competition-based. Being a young adult woman going to college to pursue a medical degree, I felt it was vital that I learn self-defense martial art in case I was ever put in a dangerous situation.

During my Hapkido training, I have learned not only helpful martial arts moves and techniques, but I have also learned more about myself and my abilities as a person. The biggest thing I have learned through Hapkido is to have confidence in myself and my skills; I have also learned the value of never giving up even if I want to give up or quit because the work, I put into my martial art empowers me and fulfills me when I earn my new belt or even accomplish a new goal.

With Hapkido, I have also learned many health benefits; for example, I have learned that breathing exercises can improve my lung capacity; I have personally found that it has also helped me in situations where I have had a panic attack. Breathing exercises help to center a person and help with Ki breathing. On my journey through Hapkido, I hope to continue to learn more about myself and my abilities as a martial artist.”


American Dragon Martial Arts
~ Ashlee Osborn



“I started Hapkido martial arts in 2018 and I love it! I enjoy the family-like atmosphere at American Dragon Martial Arts. The patience everyone shows when I am learning new techniques helps build my self-esteem. I have learned self-discipline, self-defense, and teamwork. I look forward to learning more things every week with my American Dragon family. I love my martial arts!”


American Dragon Martial Arts
~ Rylee Osborn