All of our facilities are held to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. Our staff and instructors are held to the same uncompromising standards of excellence that have been established by the world headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

Our certified trainers are some of the most qualified in the martial arts and fitness industry. All instructors are required to complete a rigorous and intensive teaching certification course, and all are required to have the following credentials:

  • Level 1 instructor certification or higher
  • Instructor Level Black Belt
  • Personal safety training
  • First aid certification
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Criminal background check
  • Ongoing continuing education

Each American Dragon Martial Arts instructor is trained not only in self-defense techniques, but also in the skill of effectively and safely relaying the techniques to students of all ages and abilities. Even more significantly, they are trained “character coaches,” helping their students identify and put into practice the character lessons so integral to the American Dragon Martial Arts System. Their training is continuous, with each instructor required to complete a minimum of forty hours of ongoing training each year. All of our instructors have completed a two year internship and certification course sanctioned by the World Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. We are the only schools in the area with that international approval.

Due to our high standards and excellent teaching methods, our students’ rank and grading are recognized by the World Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.